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"Nestled center of the Tranquil Waters, east of the mainland, rests a sleeping giant. A volcanic vent, dormant and void of Netharna's Rage. All is quiet and the water around the island cool and calm. So it is of no surprise that the deep waters ripple as the Hallowed Mountain violently shakes, a bright red light ejecting from it's open peak. A beacon calling for the return of fire from the Burning Realm."

Atlantis is rising from the depths, The Last Ship has returned and with it brings the city under the Burning Sea. A portal has opened from Netharna's Realm deep in the heart of the resting volcano opening the way for the world of fire to return.

Once at the peak of a great empire the reigning government's hubris had become too much and the country's abuse became legendary. With her guiding touch Netharna gripped the floating island and tugged it to the bottom of the Burning Sea. Thousand's of years after, it returns as a guiding light to the trade in what is now Templehelm.

Project Letter (Posted for all to see at the bank in Planu):

The smoldering letter seems to warm the air around it.

"Year's of trade and working from the shadows I have come to the light, to guide Atlantis's return. My years working as a wartime engineer and strategist have allowed me the deciding will to set up major trade route between all factions and lands.
~ I will be working to bring a larger trading hub to the Eastern Sea over the next few weeks, and am looking for workers willing to assist is the projects completion.
All applications must be done in paper, please leave with the banker's here.

~~ Jack

As the blazing sun blinds the sensitive eyes of the Netharnian, Jack looks up the protective walls of the quieted volcano. He sighs happily, finally a place to reach out and aid in the safe trade for major projects of Templehelm.
Turning about he checks the central beam, the heat of the Nether flowing from it like blood from a vein. Netherrack growing out at the source following the seeds planted to focus the growth to the powered engines. At the ends of each focus point lava shoots out, captured by a netherbrick siphon for use in the smithing of more mundane materials.
It seems progress was slowed for a moment, the netherrack seeds needing more time to take root.

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