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What to say

1 reply
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Posted Nov 22, 18 · OP
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Though, if you have thoroughly thought about your concerns and criticisms, please do not hesitate to voice them in a thread or even to the admins themselves, granted that you have ensured these criticisms are constructive and comprehensive and *civil* as possible. This would hopefully ensure the beginnings of a meaningful discussion, and maybe even help the server reach new heights!

Where could you start your own server revolution, you ask? Why, you can start right here, in this here forum!
Think! Do you:
  • ...not like how CI's admins are doing things? Write up a comprehensive diatribe (preferably of course, on the forums) detailing every complaint you could possibly have!
  • ...want to make a suggestion? CI has threads for those!
  • ...offer your services, perhaps? Try asking an admin for a link for application!
  • ...have technical problems with the game? Try "/helpop" or write up a support thread detailing everything you can!

Now, that doesn't mean your voices will be accepted and implemented the moment you send out that /helpop! The admins must deliberate on these discussions and attempt to balance their critical eye with their tactful one—an admittedly difficult thing to do, if you ask me! Sometimes they'll have to consider the direction they're going with this server, and if enough people voice their concerns, they may have to make the difficult decision to change course. In the end, those behind the scenes of CI must cater to their base!

So please, even if you don't have anything nice to say at all, be sure to speak it—with as much respect as you can, of course!
Posted Nov 22, 18 · Last edited Nov 22, 18 by Kappurfihg...
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