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A request for asylum

1 reply
A letter, written in careful script, lies where it may be easily found by its recipient.

Ulysses Constantine Maxim
Orderly of Blight Hollow

Orderly Maxim,
Ruego que esta carta le encuentre bien, buen señor. My name is Icaa Shrike, I am new to Templehelm and in my exploration of its lands I have come upon your beautiful city. I would humbly request asylum within your holdings, though I do not seek this as a simple act of charity. I am a healer of some skill and will put those abilities to use in aiding you and yours should you require.

I look forward to meeting with you in the future,
Posted Feb 2, 19 · OP
A letter is left in the Blighthollow Post Office with the name "Icaa" written on its exterior.

Mister Icaa,

I don't speak any of the southern trade languages, I'm afraid, so you'll have to make do with Common in future correspondence. I notice that you haven't provided a family name—please do get yourself one. If only for the appearance of decent familial standing, it will do you well in our city. Of course, after the population drop it doesn't matter anywhere near as much as it used to. There are no requests for asylum to be made in Blighthold- all children of Mycelyix are welcome. If you are not a servant of the Plague Lord, you're still welcome in the bounds of the city, so long as you're not overly offensive. There are plenty of empty rooms in the Hairy Hostel as well as more than a few abandoned apartments around the city—take your pick of accommodations. The self-service Stewery at the north-west corner of town is still operational and should be sufficient for your food needs. We look forward to your working in this land.

Orderly Ulysses Constantine Maxim of the Malignant
Posted Feb 2, 19
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