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Crimson Ingot is a RP Minecraft Server with increased difficulty and danger - heavily influenced by powerful magic and PvP.
When entering the land of Templehelm, you become a part of an ongoing story, many years in the making. The narrative is player generated... the events that exist within Crimson Ingot are organic, spawned from passionate and imaginative players.
Creeds, Classes and Trades
At its core, Crimson Ingot is centered around the Dieties which inhabit Templehelm. Players choose from seven Creeds to follow, and gain special abilities and powers derived from their deity.
Players have 10 interesting classes to choose from: King, Oracle, Paladin, Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Mage, Hexblade, Illusionist and Conjurer. Some of these combine with their chosen Creed to offer unique gameplay styles.
Trades are also an important part of this world.  Choose your Trade wisely and become a key provider and merchant for the fellow Denizens.
Gameplay Features
Crimson Ingot brings together the best roleplay plugins of: MCMMO, Factions, Economy and Shops.
Although the server also offers more roleplay opportunities with Increased Health, Breweries, Virtual Stables, Bookshelves, Frame Protection, Area Chat, Tangible Economy, New Recipes, Real Estate, Dice Rolling, Treasure Chests and much more.
Crimson Ingot is especially suitable for those who are looking for an extra challenge - with more advanced and difficult mobs, unforgiving combat and omnipotent Deities.
There hundreds of interesting and powerful Magic Spells to be used for survival and combat. Special Items and interesting Creed and Class combinations create varying play styles and intense battles.
Mine and Craft
Mine for your money. Gold and Emeralds are the currency used to trade with your fellow Denizens. 
Impress your Deity with your Shrine and Temple building skills to receive favour and reward. The most pious may even have a Deity follow them into battle to bring a gods wrath down from the heavens.
Crimson Ingot has a unique Settlement Trait system that allow for amazing Cities to be built to receive special perks for buildings.
There is much, much more - but this you will have to discover for yourself...
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