Please Note:
Once your EOI is submitted we paste the contents of the form into a Staff thread. So if you see the Application being Cancelled - that means we are onto it. Feel free to submit an updated EOI at any time.

What is your Minecraft IGN?

How old are you?

What country are you in?

Describe yourself in 3 words.

How long have you been playing Minecraft SMP?

How often do you usually play Minecraft and for how long?

If you could change one thing about Crimson Ingot, what would it be?

What Roleplay experience do you have? (Including other video games and non-video games).

Describe any previous experience you have had as Staff Member on a Minecraft Server.

Why would you like to be a Staff Member?

If you could add a new Server Rule - what would it be?

If you could introduce a new Deity to Crimson Ingot, what would be it's name and domain?

If a Movie was made about your life. What would the Movie be titled?

What Minecraft Server Plugins are you proficient at using?

If you could remove one block from Minecraft, which one and why?

If you could add a new Mob to Minecraft - what would it be?

You work behind the bar at the "Cloak and Arrow" - Someone has come to you to for some Roleplay and your mission is to send them on a small quest - what is your answer to the following question:
"I found this Chicken Egg named Prism Spawn, do you know what it is?"

You are standing atop Mount Kazmal on your own. Suddenly you see a Block of Sand appear. Then a Villager Egg appears on top of the Sand. Then the Sand is replaced by a Block of Bricks. Then a Sword appears on top of the Bricks. What could this possibly mean?
Provide a link to one of the favourite RP posts that you wrote on the Lore and Story section:

Do you currently use any alt accounts on Crimson Ingot?