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The young feline awoke to the soft rays of sunlight running across his face.
To him, it was a gentle reminder to go pray.
"... Cannot waste day..." he thought as he climbed up from his sleeping mat and rushed out to his small shrine.

He made his way through the dunes and plains of sand like the warm desert breeze dancing beneath the rising sun.
He opened the box to discover some of his offerings had been taken!
"... Thief...! Dovah punish them...!" he scowled as he picked up the lock from the shrine floor, refilling the offerings before resealing the box.

He took a moment to calm himself before he knelt down to pray, he did not wish to come to his god with anger in his heart.
The boy lowered his head and closed his eyes, taking in a breath before praying.

"Wah werid un Rah do klo ahrk krein, wodro suleyk gekenlok lot hiim tol los dii staad do kiindah.

Zu'u biis fir wah hi, oo lot sendaar dovah, vahlok do dii joriin.

Zu'u miik vok daar draan wah drun hi moro, ahrk praag hin aak ko daar buruk tiid.

Zu'u los laat do hin stahdim joriin wah kuz nau hin lot faan wah nilz heretics nol daar staad; Zu'u faas Zu'u nis brud tir hin fen naalein.

Zu'u bolog hi, oo suleykaar krein rah, fid zey frey ko dii tiid do praag!

Aal daar rot nol hin bonaar aar hiiv hi; orin ko daar hud hofkiin.

Wah werid un Rah do klo ahrk krein, ahrk pah moro kos ko niist faan.

He repeated this prayer a few times, waiting for a sign that his god heard him, but he received no such blessing.
He stood to his feet and stepped away from the altar, knowing he had other needs to attend to before the day's end...

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