I still remember it all, you know,” the angel said sweetly, reminiscing of time long gone by. “The hunting lodge, surrounded by the birch trees. Oh, and when it rained, it poured…” She smiled to herself, her eyes exploring the blank wall as though her fondest memories were painted all over it for her to see again.

He used to be so charming. We'd have drinks and dance together, and we'd never run out of things to talk about. We were together from dusk to dawn. It was so... easy. Simpler times.” she said with a longing sigh to follow. “I’ll be straight with you, I do wish I could go back. Knowing what I know now? It’d be a lot more fun.

I don't regret a minute of it, either. That's the strange thing.” Sera mused, brandishing the elegant silver dagger in her hand.

She smiled at her reflection in the blade, always quick to notice that one stormy gray eye peering back at her. It helped her to feel not so far from him. She looked to the other side of the small room, a dimly-lit, stone-walled basement. “I wonder what’s gotten into him lately…

She paced back and forth in the small space, her light plate armour shifting here and there. She stopped every now and then as she spoke, almost as though she were tasting her own words like they were fine whiskey or wine.

I hope it’s not that woman he’s been with. Leaf, was it?” She furrowed her brows. “Something to that effect. She didn't seem like his type.

The woman placed her hands on her hips, tapping the flat tip of the dagger against her chin. “I worry for him these days. He seems so different... I feel as though I barely know him anymore. I sense he's still there, but he's just not himself, you know?” Sera lowered the dagger to her side, taking a pause to consider that. “Or perhaps it's me who has changed.

She shook her head, having become sidetracked from the real problem at hand. “However, I know I’ve no one to blame but myself. I was so distraught over her death, over my failure, that I left him alone, and I feel as though I missed an opportunity… perhaps it's what I did that's making him behave this way.

After a few moments of heavy silence, she shrugs. “Not much I can do about it now. I wish I knew how to fix it, but I can only assume he doesn’t want me around if he won’t tell me what he wants from me, if anything at all. Right?

There was no reply.

Sera’s vision snapped to the corner, where the defeated and broken vampire sat slumped over in a pool of its own blood and skin. Even after all of her talking, it still hadn’t gained the strength to use its vocal chords yet.

She frowned at his lack of response - or perhaps it was a her? She didn’t bother to place the difference before her knuckles made that nigh impossible. “Enough about me. Let’s talk about you.” She tilts her head at the thing, feigning interest. “Say, did you come from a nest? I hear they’re all the rage, these days. Practically a tavern-and-inn for dead blood-suckers like you.

She wanders over to its place of dwelling, her tone becoming soft, soothing. She crouches down in front of it, peering between the bars at it until she meets its eyes. “You made a mistake attacking me at my home... and someone’s going to have to pay for it.


Sera shook her head, flipping the dagger around and catching the end of the blade between her fingers. “Perhaps you could make it up to me by telling me something I don’t know.

No response.

She glanced down for a moment, laughing a bit. “Insufferable. Let’s try something else...” Sera beamed in at the cold, dead creature, and it stared back at her. “Tell me where another nest is, and I’ll let you walk out of here ‘alive’.


Fine,” she muttered, and her expression hardened. “Have it your way.

She shook her head disapprovingly and lined up the blade with the spot between its eyes. “They never do learn.