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Before you partake in the Crimson Ingot Forum - ensure you are aware of our Forum Rules

Crimson Ingot Official Discord Server

1 reply
Hello everyone! You've probably guessed it by the painfully obvious title, but I'm here to tell you that due to recently popular demand, we've created an official Discord server for the community! The handy-dandy link is located in the Discord tab on the menu bar above, and that page can only be accessed by registered players.

The rules for the Discord server are fairly simple, and can be accessed in the "rules" channel any time. There will also be a (most likely frequently updated) FAQ located just below the rules, which will be enforced by the moderators. Be aware that the Discord moderators might not be actual staff members, but solely tasked with moderation of the Discord server - so nagging them for help with your in-game needs will be a pointless effort! (Just don't nag in general to be safe.)

Upon joining, you might want to give us a little introduction in the welcome channel to let us know who you are and what your IGN is (if it isn't your discord tag already).

There are 2 private channels you might take note of, and those are the elder assembly (players who have been here for half a year), and the ancient assembly (players who have been here for 3+ years). Ancients will automatically be put into the Elder channel, but if you don't want to be, just let us know. For most of you, I'll know who goes where - but some of you might have to give a gentle reminder if you belong in one of those channels, specifically the more recent elders.

Refrain from inviting your friends or random people who don't play Crimson Ingot. This is a Discord focused on the server, where the staff can offer guidance and moderation - so it's not a place where you can invite your Grand Theft Auto crew.

And I think that just about wraps up our overview. Join and enjoy! If you have any further questions, raise them below.
Posted Nov 28, 18 · OP · Last edited Feb 28, 19 by Nympheta
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Actually, you'll find that the CORRECT naming scheme, based on our earlier skype chats, dictate that this thread and the server should be named, "The Official CI Discord Server".
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Posted Jan 23, 19