Drastan stood atop the watch tower, watching the undead lurk on the cold sands from above, leaning agaisnt the iron bars. He bit his lower lip, the small fang gently piercing through his own skin in frustration. "I wonder what they're doing, hiding in the desert like that. One of the Monarchs is around, they must be up to something." Drastan thought to himself, slightly turning his head to the side to glance at Zyther, who was standing guard on the second watch tower across the Fort. The duo has been hunting vampires for weeks now, and already got themselves in more trouble than they can count. He closed his eyes, recapitulating what has happened so far.

Spoiler: Drastan's RecapitulationShow

He opened his eyes with a sigh, jumping down from the watch tower, gracefully landing on the cold sands that were bathing on the moonlight. He gently tapped on the shoulder of one of the undead, consequently raising a few more of them with his magic. He pinned a few letters to their chests and set them off to travel to other settlements, making sure to equip each and every one of them with helmets so they wouldn't burn to death on the sunlight. He grinned, having a plan in mind. The other vampires can hide, but not for long.