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To Zyther, From an Old Friend

1 reply
Gemini73 tagOn Forum
Online on Site
The letter is strapped to one of the zombie criers that delivered the vampire-hunting message a day prior.


I have not seen you for a long time, if you are the friend I remember from ages past in Whitecrest. I know not how useful I'll be, but I offer my blade to your cause. I've killed all sorts; those of the Carcass Legion, the Cult of the Countless, liches, dragons, and the Predators of the Seas. I will now kill vampires, if you will have me.

Send your response by fish, preferably salmon; it'll find its way to me.

Jason Reilev
Posted Dec 5, 18 · OP
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DevistatorXL tagtag
DevistatorXL @ Crimson Ingot
With what little blessing of akwal he has left he whispers to the fish "Find Jason Reilev"
Much time later, a young salmon swims around in a small pool, a letter is gently attached to it by a thin, strong string


It's good to hear from you friend!
It indeed has been quite some time since then. I was suppressed to return there to find it in ruins- Though that matters not now... With these new lands and such.
None the less, It would be wonderful to have you with us, as we can use all the help we can get currently. If you wish to join with our current operation head to the swallowing sands.We are located east along the coast.
We have set up a temporary establishment, which is still in the works. It shouldn't be hard to miss. Its name is 'Fort Fuhkoph'

I hope to see you soon, Your friend...


ps. If you have your own equipment I recommend you bring it. If not, We can provide some to spare.

Spoiler: While travelingShow
Posted Wed at 19:51
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