"And then what? Did you really blow up the moon?"
"Hast thou so little faith youngling? Doth thy mind e'er stand firm on what thy ears do hear? Of course we did'st explode the moon. And wouldn't you guess, inside was MY OWN FACE! *dun dun dun!*"
"You're so funny mister, if you really exploded the moon, how is it still up in the sky?"
"I've convinced all of ye that tis still above, a grand magicians trick!"
"Isn't that power gaming?"
"Of course not! Tis no game dear young thing, but really a real life!"

The pair laughed loudly, sitting by the fire in the inn. Outside it rained heavily, and the warmth of the blaze was welcome to the pair. The doors burst open, and in ran the county guard. "HALT! Feral animal, who is the spirit of our own demise. We refuse your insanity! Come with us or be struck down, we have the tools of your creation and they may be the tools of your destruction!" The guards held out a cattle prod, made of the wood and thatch of the spirit shack. Sky laughed, and went along willingly. The boy watched in awe, he thought the stories had been fake. He was convinced that the creature was just some man in a mask. With great shock he watched the cow laugh, and float out of the shackles, floating up and up until he went through the roof of the building. The guards and the boy all ran underneath the hole, looking up through the rain that now fell into the inn. "He really was power gaming....oh my Planu-" the boy said. Sky floated up, and laughed and laughed, "HAH! What a good joke art thou, oh young fellows. Keep not thy frowns, and instead grow merry! Tis the season! The season of Herbert, thou'rt with time though! T'will be a fair time till I am back again. The council summons me! See you later, don't forget to be crazy!"

And with that he disappeared. I went on my way, unknowingly carrying the last remnants of insanity. Years have passed, lifetimes for me. I wandered the Earth, it seemed bare. Nothing had color, nothing had fun! Where had my friend gone? Why did I feel so empty? Do I know my own vocation? I know it, to live as he would. To go to the moon! I knew my purpose, I worked tirelessly toward it, but alas. It was to no avail. Everyone seemed so serious. When I was younger I remember that the world was full of laughter and fun. Where did that go? I was an old man when it happened, when the cow returned. I remember it like it was yesterday...