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Unofficial Ooc Healing and You!

1 reply
OOC Healing, and How It's Done Right!

Well, it's not. Healing should not be done OOC. The need to be healed is pretty significant, and dying in PvP means your character has been injured grave enough to need more than a potion or a regular healing spell to recover.

I've come up with a few ways for you to not give in to OOC healing.

1: Separate your desires from your character's needs. You are not your character, and your character has been hurt, so whether or not you want to sit and be healed in RP is irrelevant.

2: During the healing Roleplay, you can be aloof and upset about having to sit and be healed. It might play in to your "tough guy" personality, or your "no nonsense" sense of self. Whatever the case, it's ok to not want to sit and do virtually nothing. I get it. we all get it. Your character has been hurt, keep that in mind. Just Roleplay about how you don't want to be there.

3: Remember that, because you are injured, your character can not do what he/she usually does.

4: You can put things in perspective. If you died only once, the Roleplay would be very short, and isn't really going to put a damper in your day. You get a chance to really exist in the magical world of fantasy CI has created. Even if you've died twice, it's still not that long.

5: You can find a healer your character knows already, someone he/she has a connection to. That way, you might not be so bored around them.

6: Get in character! If you are truly in character, then you will put yourself through a small amount, and mind you, a SMALL amount of Roleplay to get healed so you can move on with whatever it is you were doing before. I promise you, very few healers (myself included) want to sit and heal you for a stupid amount of time. We've got things to do too.

It can't all be hot and heavy. Put yourself through Roleplay healing, and I believe you'll find yourself feeling more fulfilled than you would if you had done OOCly.

Thanks for reading.
Posted Dec 19, 18 · OP
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Some very good points made here. Moving to Guides!
Posted Dec 20, 18
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