Volkhardt leaned over the parchment, letting out a sigh and beginning to write.

Dear Anna,
I'm writing this in the off chance it finds its way to you, but this is more for me anyways. How have things been at home? I hope you are treating your mother correctly. Is Hermann still bothering Matilda about going on a date? I'd love to hear how it all turned out.
Templehelm is an interesting place. It's so full of magic and wonder, but I don't know how I feel about it. I feel like all this magic, wonder, and adventure is meant to distract me. Distract me from the way the air feels constricting, from the Gods and what they're doing. I don't know, the longer I stay here the more I reminisce on things from home… especially the small things. I miss the way the air smelled.
It's not all bad though, I've made friends here. The people here have such colorful pasts and personalities. I met a girl around your age, her name is Persephone. She reminds me of you in many ways. I hope you two will be able to meet one day. I also met a woman, her name is Eliah. Don't tell your mother about her, though. She always judges women I'm interested in, she's as much your mom as she is mine. You'd like her - I do.
I've met vampires, angels, crazed religious cave people, a little cat elf who can run so fast she can walk on water and more. There's so much here that I wish you could see, but it's so dangerous here. I don't know if I want you to come here. Maybe once I reestablish the empire here I would be more comfortable. I hope this letter reaches you, somehow. Maybe I'll give a prayer to Akwal. Next letter I'll tell you all about the gods here.
There should be a second piece of parchment in this bottle. It's confidential, and no business of yours. Give it to your mother, she'll know who to give it to.

Your Uncle,