This is Sir Volkhardt, the lone Knight sent into Templehelm to discover the fate of Count Varnance and King Forrix.
In the time I have been here not a single person has been able to tell me where to find them. Some claimed to have known Varnance, but I don't know if a single person had heard of Forrix. I believe they may be dead. However, The Iron Empire did exist in Templehelm for a time. I've found castles built by Varnance. I'm not sure what happened, but it's clear they failed to establish a reliable foothold. I've come across many setbacks, but I've managed to gain claim over a former castle built by Varnance. There is plenty of room here, and there are homes on the coast I may be able to negotiate to get... but it is not enough for everyone. The Emperor and his family will have a place here if things have become too chaotic in the Empire. I heed caution, for Templehelm is extremely dangerous and the Emperor's life will be at great risk should he come here without the appropriate guard. I will continue to do my best at forming relationships and rebuilding the Empire.

I may send out more bottles with information, but I have great doubt that this will reach you anyways.

-=-Signed by Knight Volkhardt-=-