As Solace brought her hammer down upon the searing metal, sparks seemed to fly in every direction. After taking a moment to wipe the sweat off of her forehead and adjust the braid which was holding her hair out of her face, the smith noticed a red dot in the distance and squinted, wondering if she should be firing at it. As it neared it was realized that it was merely a bird carrying a letter. She reached up and snatched the letter out of its grasp and unsealed it. After beginning to look down at the parchment, the bird stared at her in an obnoxious manner. She raised an eyebrow, "What? If you're looking for handouts look somewhere else." Solace paused for a moment, noticing the bird wasn't budging, but instead keeping it's beady eyes locked onto her. She held her arm up and pointed to her left, easing her posture a bit, "The farm's that way. Rest up so Jason doesn't have to deal with a dead bird."

Solace then took the parchment and placed it on a nearby shelf, grabbing a stick of charcoal as she began to scribble a reply:


Hey. The loss of the property for my shop is no issue. Quite frankly the exterior was an eyesore, so please inform the new owner that I send my thanks for their choice. I'll be headed to Daylight shortly to inspect these newly arisen 'alternatives' with you at which point a decision can be made.

Icy waters and many sands to you,

Solace Myntu