Waves Crash Against a Broken Man

It was cold, the wind creeping up and over the cliff-side from the ocean waves beyond, and the night chilled the air into something close to a frigid wind. But that might have just been what Nazor's feeling as he looked down to the second woman he'd ever tried to open up to romantically crawled weakly towards a cliff-side, her body already battered and broken, water rasped in her lungs and he could hear it in her laborious breath as she pulled her body across the ground. It was too much for Nazor, the last time he tried to stop her she had said this needed to happen and he wanted to stop her but wasn't sure of much in Templehelm and couldn't know for sure if she was right.

So instead of watching her struggle, which hurt him just as much as her throwings herself from the cliffs, he reached down and lifted her battered body up. His vision started to blur at the edges, as he thought of Aessa, and all those who had left him alone in the past, he wanted to tie her to a bed and yell at her while they tried to mend her, but she had a look of determination that this broken man knew couldn't be stopped.

As he drew her up she spoke through tears saying "Just a little closer... we're almost there!" he just shook his head and carried her towards the cliff in his arms. it was a pathetic and brutal mercy but he felt like this might be better if he loses a loved one by his own hands this time. Finally reaching the clearing by the cliff, a voice called to him from behind, he turned to see Jay, the kind man who had mended his wounds, saying "Stop!" but Nazor knew if he did they'd just take this horrible action from it's resounding conclusion.

He'd not be welcome after the actions he knew had to be done now, but it was too far gone for that now. Through his anger at this whole situation he shouted back, while dangling her over the cliffside "Stay back! Don't come closer." Suddenly as he held the woman he had grown to love over a very short time, he felt like the angry Netharnian who had helped others light fires around the other creeds temples just to spite them and their followers, he felt nothing like the boy who had trained under Brother Chao, he was just a broken, angry man once again.

Everything was reaching it's crescendo, the waves crashed on the rocky shore below, and her broken body was topped with a tear covered face, she said "It'll all be okay." and that was all he could do. He closed his eyes, and just freed himself from it all. She slipped from his hands, and didn't scream which might have been worse on him, and he turned his back on that damned cliff walking away from it's edge. In this soul-shattering moment he has thrown her from the cliffs as if it was her destiny, and now couldn't bare the weight of that action anymore, he still had his eyes shut as he walked away some steps.

She was there though, broken beyond belief and spitting up water, but it was just too much for her lungs obviously, the other man Jay tried to get a grip on her. and even though he wanted to run like the coward he was Nazor walked up and lifted her battered body himself. He looked straight towards the Infirmary, not able to bring himself to look at his own handiwork, brought her inside, following Jay as he placed her on table, he stepped back out of the room as he caught a look of her form, then the door was slammed shut in front of him.

Unable to handle this anymore, he stepped outside the Infirmary leaning on the wall, he wasn't a scholar but knew that this was it, he had thrown away his entire life because someone asked him to. It was almost as if he had thrown himself from that cliff, and it shook him to his very core as he stared blankly at the wall, all his thoughts flying around his head like violent Zelphari Thieves looking for the next chunk of Nether Quartz, smashing their tools against the walls of his mind.

Some time passed, and he spoke to whoever talked at him, but it didn't mean anything to him right now, as he slipped into the dirt, putting his head in his hands and his body couldn't handle the stress anymore. He just slept

Several hours later, Jay came out and tapped him saying "I don't want to see you anywhere near her for a while." but it didn't sound like words to Nazor, just a command that hollowed him further. He walked away, cold and numb, saying nothing until he reached the Bathhouse Balcony where she had been singing earlier that very day. All he could do was stare out at the ocean, searching for some answer in a God's Domain he didn't even follow, just looking out like that for minutes, or even hours? He couldn't tell anymore.

He suddenly contemplated throwing himself off his balcony, it might just help him forget all this, and with how the times had changed... he might actually find peace for once, not just bloody injury like it had been. No he had to atone for this someday, and if he died that wouldn't be fair to this land, this was his punishment for thinking he could ever love again and deep down he knew it, that is what truly rocked the man to his core. As he finally thought about just sleeping this nightmare away, she spoke from behind him but her words didn't feel right to him. He knew what she was after, some greater recognition of her own self, which meant that whatever he was helping to this point was just a shadow of who she was now.

There was nothing he could say or do except shake his head at her, trying to put words together, as she spoke at him. He heard nothing, words about how she was alright, and owed him for this, but all he could see what her near dead face as the operating room slammed shut in his face. Finally he snapped out of it enough to speak, and said "You don't want anything to do with me lady. I threw you off a damn cliff just because you asked me too, I watched another person I cared for deeply kill themselves in front of me. This is just like when Aessa ran herself through with a knife." Why did he say that? That wasn't fair to her, he hadn't been thinking of Aessa when he threw her from the cliff, all he was thinking of was himself, and her. but he knew the damage was done as her face seemed to contort into a mixture of disappointment, sadness and hurt at his comment she said to him "This isn't like that! I'm alright!"

Damn, he'd done it again. She was crying again, he couldn't watch her cry, he looked up at the sky trying to not think about it. She was talking to him, but it was all a blur, going in one ear and out the other as she spoke, finally he snapped out of his morose as he realized she was close to him, really close. He couldn't watch her cry, it was not something he wanted to see anybody do, but especially her, so he shook it off and said "I can't stay in this depressing mood with you this close to me."

What? Why did he just say that? What a stupid think to say, but then she laughed, and his worries and sadness and fear, it all melted away for just a moment and he felt a rush of energy as he pulled her close and said "I don't even know your name." She looked up at him tears still on her face as she said "He called me Imogene but I'm casting off that name." He wanted to ask so many questions but knew that now was not the time, as she said "My name is Saoirse. It means freedom." All he could do was grin as he said "Well I'm Nazor, I'm terrible with relationships obviously, but I love you Saoirse." There wasn't even a pause before she replied and that made his heart skip a beat as she said "I love you too Nazor."

They embraced, kissed, then went to bed exhausted by the entire day that had unfolded so far.

The End. For now.
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