The Crown for a New Clown!

Suddenly in a puff of purple smoke, something off occurs at the Planu Heath, the entire area quickly wafted with the smell of lavender and burning hair. There it stood with all of it's bells and horns, covered head to tell in a regal purple jester's outfit. It took one look up at the sky and shouted "High diddly eye mister sky!" As soon as he was done addressing the sky it briefly looked around saying "Here again? Without a friend? Well I should fix that with a flick of my wrist and a tug up my sleeve!"

Reaching into it's own billowy sleeve it pulled out a tiny gem, tossing it to the ground, and pointing a small wand at it, lights errupting from it's center as illusions of the Clown-Like Jester danced around the Planu Heath wildly cackling as they did. The creature narrowed it's mask like face towards the town of Heathrest with a frightening grin as it began down the path uttering the following diddle "A crown was once on the head of a clown, he was a sad clown with no heart, all he had was a gown of silk and feather filled-down. Oh and that damned crown. It was enough to make a dead god frown, as it rolled about rotting in the ground!"

The fun had just began, as a new creature had deemed Templehelm its stage. History would be it's play, and it's audience all living mortals. Oh they would laugh... or else.
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