Part 1
*Thump* the sound of an arrow hitting a tree pierces through the forest. The archer once more draws his bow, releasing it at the command of his teacher. Unsatisfied by the result, his teacher again orders him to draw his bow once more and corrects his technique. The bow is then released and the arrow flies. *THOMP* the sound of an arrow piercing a tree echoes throughput the forest. "Again", said his teacher and complied he did. The bow is drawn once again, releasing a swift and precise shot over and over. "Being swift is not the key for haste makes waste. The further the bow is drawn the stronger the arrow becomes. Patience will always be rewarded."

As the night falls, the teacher and his disciple returns to their home. Welcomed by his wife he gives her a kiss. Dinner is ready, so the three of them sat down and enjoys their meal.