Part 2
As a new day dawns upon the land, the pair of teacher and student went to their training grounds and resumes their lessons. The disciple recalls what he was taught the previous day and once again draws his bow as how he was instructed to. Upon hearing the arrow's impact, the teacher nods complimenting his student and asks him to repeat the shot until he runs out of arrows. The student obeyed and started firing arrows.

Ten arrows shot, ninety arrows left. The student's draw and aim is still steady, consistently giving off a satisfying impact upon release.

Twenty arrows shot, eighty arrows left. His draw starts to become shaky, causing two arrows two miss their mark but still steady impacts.

Forty arrows shot, sixty arrows left. His draws begin to weaken and more arrows miss their mark.

Fifty arrows shot, fifty arrows left. He has barely enough strength to draw the bow again, now none of his arrows hit their mark. He drops the bow and collapse to the ground, breathing heavily without the strength to stand.

His teacher looks at him, seemingly disappointed. He cleans up the place and returns home, leaving his student behind. The student, seeing his teacher leave him, was not fazed. Not only because he has no strength to express any emotions, but also because he already knew that this might happen. So he lays there, as if lifeless, hoping not for any help.

"Once again... Abandoned..." He thought to himself as his consciousness slowly fades away.