History of Templehelm
the Emeraldite Noble Houses
by Hostur E.

The 2nd Emeraldite Empire, and its kingdom in Templehelm, was at its height several generations before the 1st Deiotakas. After the sudden losses that decimated this 2nd empire, leaving behind only the kingdom in the dangerous heart of the Setlian Sea, Emeraldite culture experienced a slow decline. The 1st Deiotakas ravaged the land and so many aspects of the kingdom were lost. Eventually, the Sired Divines paved the path for the Emeraldites to allow lands to newly formed sovereign states, unified under the High King of Templehelm and the Emeraldites. This is an encyclopedia on the influential noble houses of the 2nd Emeraldite Kingdom, organized by their holdings.

The Crownlands

House Kilvaro

The Emeraldite Royal Family, House Kilvaro's notable holdings included Castle Town in the east, the town of Anera in Planu Heath, and Little Bridge at the southern border of Planu Heath. The Conclave also lies in this territory. The last direct descendant of House Kilvaro was King Meraldian IV, who was assassinated in the Emeraldite Year of 1018, several months before the 2nd Upheaval.

House Tiller

House Tiller was the ruling family of the prosperous and mighty city of Ironshard, at western Templehelm. House Tiller has blood ties to the royal family, and is the training ground of the Emeraldite military. Princess Sofiya Tiller was the niece of late king Meraldian IV, and in that era, Meraldian IV's younger brother Prince Arkivil Kilvaro was the lord-leftenant of Ironshard. House Tiller is one of the wealthier and reputable houses of the 2nd Emeraldite Kingdom. Beneath them is the equally fortunate House Emran. Sir Finnigan Tiller is the last son of House Tiller, and was a well-known knight under Holy King Meraldian IV of Hearthstead, after the 1st Great Upheaval and 2nd Deiotakas.

House Emran

House Emran of Ironshard was the second most powerful family in Ironshard. The banner-men of House Tiller, their children served House Tiller as its handmaidens, squires, knights, and ladies-in-waiting. Eventually, the heirs apparent of House Emran and House Tiller wed, uniting the houses. The heir born of this union is Sir Agdus Emran-Tiller, who was a well known guard-captain of Glint under the rule of False King Arkhand of Glint, after the 1st Great Upheaval and 2nd Deiotakas.


House Myrick

A family of oft-noted and yet little-seen greatness who have been banner-men for the High King of the Emeraldites since the 1st Emeraldite Kingdom. Their seat is Restblade, which is where the famous Guild of Paladins is based.

In most recent history, the bastard of Myrick, Dynalir Ravenscar, served King Meraldian IV as the Emeraldite Battlemage, a title he used in scorn of the true position: Inquisitor Lord of the Court.
House Myrick fell out of favour as Lord Reslyn Myrick's trueborn sons wasted the family fortunes on attempting to overthrow the royal family - a long-hidden secret only recently revealed by the Memoirs of Dynalir Myrick that were left behind after the death of Meraldian IV.


Southport is a peculiar city. Primarily ruled by petty merchant-lords, these noble families did not hold much power on their own, and often squabbled with one another. However, in unity they were a powerful economic powerhouse, fueling the chaos of Southport with trade deals rivaling the riches of Sanbaala.

House Rythian

House Rythian resides in Rythian Halls, and are the most powerful of the noble families of Southport. The Rythians practiced magic in excess, and used it to maintain power in the cosmopolitan port city. Unlike their brethren, House Rythian was not a family of merchants, but rather scholars who provided mages to the royal army.