Part 7

Once more, the archer meets with the abyss, a cold and dark abyss. Ever so silent, ever so lonely. Knowing this, all the archer could do was shed a tear. He is still trapped, trapped in this cage; trapped in an endless prison. It is no different from how it was in the past, but for some reason it feels colder than it used to. In all the silence, cold and darkness, he decided to just stay still. "If this abyss will continue to imprison me, then why did I even try?"





A drop of a scarlet colored liquid fell from above, and then another, and another, and another; a scarlet-colored rain. A figure, not that of the archer emerged within the rain. It approached the archer, slowly with every step adding another detail to its shape."A red one! It has been quite some time since I last saw one." The figure had a somewhat feminine form, a kind-looking face, and just like the rain, scarlet in color, from head to toe. After hearing her voice, the archer looked at the direction where it came from and discovered it.

He is surprised, puzzled, slightly happy, somewhat scared; a mix of various conflicting emotions wells up within him. He can utter no words despite having a lot of questions to ask, he cannot run despite feeling a massive urge to. With the figure approaching closer these emotions run even wilder, keeping him frozen in place staring at the figure.

It got closer and closer until it was just a few steps away from him. "My boy, you need not be scared I am not going to harm you." Putting its palm on his cheeks and with a soothing voice, it tries to calm the archer down. This did calm him down, not because of its voice nor gesture; he calmed down because he felt warmth, a gentle warmth. Something that he never thought he would be able to feel within this cold prison.

Again he shed a tear, not of sadness but of happiness. He is happy that he got to feel that warmth within this abyss which he cannot escape. He held its hand gently and slowly moves it away from his cheek. He wanted to say something, he needed to, but he was no words came out of his mouth. He did not know what to say.

"You might be wondering who I am. I know you are scared of your eyes and me, but I can assure you that I mean no harm." Again a new question appears for the archer: what does it mean by scared of his eyes? "I was once the guardian of your tribe so I would know."